10 rules of star cosmetologists

star cosmetologists

The stars look amazing not only in movies and on carpets, but also in everyday life. Their beauty is the merit of not a photoshop, but professional cosmetologists.

Some stars are caught in excessive passion for photoshop, but others in the paparazzi photo look no worse than on selfie in instagram. They do it thanks to the professionalism of cosmetologists.

1. Do not dry the skin

Do not use alcohol-based cleansers. Choose products based on lactic or salicylic acid. They are softer on the skin and do not overdry it, and the result is not worse than from alcohol.

2. Use a cream with SPF

Celebrities use a sun protection cream not only in the summer. Cosmetologists recommend a face cream with protection from SPF-30. The cosmetician of Madonna believes that this prevents cream with SPFskin aging and the appearance of pigmentation.

3. Do not forget about neck and décolletage

The age of a woman gives out her arms and neck. Therefore, you need to carefully look after not only the face, but behind the neck and décolleté. It is because of this that some stars in the 50 years look at 30. Actresses Brooke Shields and Halle Berry do not forget to moisten the neck and neck.

4. Hand care

Do household chores only with gloves. Are you a fan of playing slots online? Here is the link >>> to try if you didn’t yet but don’t forget: your phone and keyboard is dirtier than you think so wash your hands regularly and carry a moisturizing hand cream to use during the day.

5. Choose the right makeup

Our skin is worthy of careful selection of cosmetics. Tonal bases with oils clog pores prone to oily skin and cause rashes. Therefore, choose mineral cosmetics and non-comedogenic products.

6. Use the ice

Ice helps improve the complexion. Hollywood actress Joan Crawford, who was considered the most beautiful woman of her time, used this technique. She dropped her face into the sink for a few seconds with cold water and ice cubes. This helped to improve the complexion before shooting. You can do a less extreme procedure: wipe your face with an ice cube. It improves blood circulation, and the skin looks healthier.

7. Properly store makeup

Properly store makeupIf you want the cosmetic products to last longer, you need to store them correctly. For example, the cream should not be kept at high temperature and humidity. Therefore, transfer cosmetics from the bathroom to a dry place, and some can be stored in the refrigerator.

8. Change the pillowcase more often

If you rarely change the pillowcase, you can provoke unnecessary rashes. Try not to touch your face with your hands. If your skin is very sensitive, change the pillowcase every three days. And wipe your smartphone with antibacterial napkins.

9. Do not get carried away with scrubs


Gentle sensitive skin does not need to be injured by scrubs. Clean your face with masks and gels for washing.

10. Massage your face

Dark circles under the eyes will remove lymphatic drainage massage. It improves blood circulation and lymph flow. You can learn how to make yourself a facial massage at home.